最新消息 Upcoming

最新消息 Upcoming

Forgotten Phonics


Christ's Saint Patrick's Forgotten Phonics Re-membered For The Human Race

From April 7 to June 28 - Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 to 11:00

How to sign up call 886-3-453-2632  Ext:290/ 203 (Tue. ~ Fri.) 8:30~12:00am   2:00~5:00pm

For more information see below

The background Music at this Phonics website is an advertisement for these Irish websites


--The Irish Blessing-over 300 Churches from our island sing a blessing over Ireland & BEYOND to YOU

--The Celtic Blessing\Celtic Worship & Friends

--Be Thou my Vision\Celtic Worship

--Brigid’s Cloak-Dec 2013

--Saint Brigid’s Cloak Jan, 19,3013 YouTube

Please check them out, if you are interested in Real Education With True Universal Knowledge Of The Universe, or sweet introductions to Spiritual Ascension.


Unlike popish cabal colleges, and now popish (“ cabal-universities?”) abusing something sacred like education and pretending like it is for getting a job to pay taxes?